Ezekiel 48:35

Ezekiel 48:35 - And the name of that city shall be "THE LORD IS THERE"

Friday, November 18, 2016

Paul and Silas in a (Delicious) Prison

Many times in the New Testament we find the disciples of Jesus in prison. They are there due to a lifestyle which disrupted the comfortable. They were revolutionizing things, and some people were not in favor of such a revolution.

Paul and Silas are in prison for ruining a business while liberating a young girl.

Peter and John are imprisoned for speaking about Jesus.

Paul is in prison again for something else, then writes a letter.

Jesus is arrested, Stephen is put on trial, and on and on and on.

These followers of Jesus followed him even into chains, for which they rejoiced. Paul and Silas show this rejoicing well as they sing in their cell. They are then set free by an earthquake and they subsequently set free the jailer from his chains and show him the superior kingdom of God. It is up for debate as to which escape from jail is cooler; Paul and Silas' earthquake or Peter being set free by an angel. Either way, they would only take the silver. Jesus has the gold in that department.

Anyway, on to the craft!

Here's what thou dost need:
Graham Crackers
Gummi Bears
A frosting-spreading utensil
A plate or base

I've chosen a flowery plate because I found it in a cabinet. Feel free to choose birds or a volcano scene.
Step 1:
Break the graham cracker in half on the perforated line.
Think to yourself, "I've never considered that paper and crackers both have perforations."
Step 2:
Put the frosting-mortar around the edge base.
Step 3: Put the prison bar pretzels up!
It might be easier to put the frosting on them one-by-one to get them
to stand up mightily enough, like our friendly stalagmites.


STEP 4: Arrest the gummi bears and put them inside the prison.

STEP 5: Put the roof over their heads!
This can be tricky if you haven't properly followed building codes when putting up the prison bars.

STEP 6: Eat like a king.

So there you have it! Put your gummi bear apostles in their precarious situations to help kids, students, and leaders alike remember the stories. I've also used gummi bears for many other scenes, such as Paul's shipwreck and the chariot of the Ethiopian Eunuch. Be creative and have fun.

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